What to do with all this traffic? (The point of it all)

Music Marketing

What we’ve been doing here with the first few steps of the Artist Promotion Blueprint is constructing a machine. Allow me to explain:

The purpose of a machine is to use leverage to make a task easier, faster and generally more efficient. Your website and your off page network are the cogs of the machine but every machine requires some type of fuel to function. For the purpose of this analogy, the fuel for your fan generating, profit producing machine is content. Let my say that again, a car with no gas doesn’t get you far. A nuclear power plant with no uranium makes no power. A web network without a steady supply of fresh, engaging, entertaining or informative content will not produce any results. None.

Every good machine needs three things: A task, fuel and a reason. Let’s look at the modern car example, shall we? The task of a car is to propel you across the earth much faster than you could without it as well as to act as storage so you can bring things with you. The fuel (or leverage) is the combustible gasoline which makes all of the parts come to life but the reason for the car is the most important part.

The reason you by a car is not to move fast. It’s not so you can feel the wind of speed in your hair. It’s purpose is to allow you to accomplish much more in the same amount of time than you could otherwise.

Imagine grocery shopping without a car. How much of your day would that take? An hour to walk to the store, an hour to walk back (maybe longer with your arms full of groceries) and because you can only carry so much, you get to do it all over again in a day or two!

So your web machine has a task: Provide points of discovery for people to be exposed to you and what you do and give them a reason to want to learn more. And as discussed earlier, the fuel for this machine is fresh, creative content but, what is the real purpose of your web network? What goal will it allow you to accomplish that would be much more difficult without it’s aid?

The answer may surprise you.

The sole reason for all of your efforts online should be focused on one thing and one thing only…

Your opt-in email list


Yes. You see, if you want to turn traffic into raving fans who can’t wait for your next record to drop, you need to have time to build a relationship and rapport with them. If a visitor comes to your website and likes your content you want to be able to engage with that visitor in a personal, relationship building way. But what are the chances that first time visitor will like your content so much that they will come back religiously every week to hear more? Slim. You’re relying on the visitor to develop their own relationship with you when, in truth, it’s your job to step forward, introduce yourself and start a beautiful, long term relationship with them!

We can accomplish this with the use of an opt-in email list or newsletter.

The beautiful elegance of the email newsletter is twofold:

  1. Once a visitor joins your list, you can now control when and how often they are exposed to your and your message. not the other way around. This allows you to strategize the best way to develop your relationship with each and every subscriber over a long period of time.
  2. You now have a way to directly market your music and products to people you know are interested!

So, instead of hoping people will stumble upon you over and over again, do everything in your power (ethically, of course) to get them on your email list so that you can come to them instead.

There is so much power in a well thought out email campaign. I’d like to tell you all about it… and I will… in the next post!

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