Managing Multiple Web Portals

Music Marketing - Content Syndication

…and advice from a duck!

So, we’ve been talking about creating web “portals” in as many places as possible to provide “points of discovery” across the internet. This is a great strategy because each of these portals will funnel relevant traffic directly to our main website and hopefully right on to our mailing list (more on that later).

The question often arises, however: “How the hell does one manage all these properties on a regular consistent basis and still get music made, gigs booked, merch designed, etc?” And a valid question it is! I have a hard time just staying active on Twitter. How am I ever going to maintain a presence on nine different social platforms?

Well, as I learned from Uncle Scrooge, (a duck from the cartoon DuckTales) “Work smarter, not harder!” (with a thick Scottish accent)

There is a secret weapon that is freely available and extremely powerful at making this task of updating multiple blogs and profiles RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE!

Watch this short video to learn how it all works…


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