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Reverb Nation

If you wear a suit and tie in the business world, there’s LinkedIn, if your business is the movies there’s IMDBPro and now there’s Reverb Nation, an artist promotion tool that nobody in the music industry should be without.

It’s all about marketing my friend. Yeah marketing is a dirty word to most musicians. It kinda goes against the grain, but getting the word out about your talents is the ticket to more gigs and exposing your sound to the rest of the world. Do you really want to spend the next ten years playing local bars and getting paid in bottles of Bud?

Never heard of Reverb Nation? Two million artists worldwide have already made this versatile site part of their artist promotion arsenal. They’re a growing company presently employing 60 savvy people who are developing all kinds of apps and ideas to help promote you and your work. And they take their work seriously – as I’m sure you do. This isn’t some fly by night operation – one venture capital company has already ponied up $6.5 million dollars to get this rocking idea on the fast track. Wait, did I hear a pick AND a drumstick hit the floor? I thought I had your attention…

Will it work for you – hell yes!  If you’re not sure, just join up for free and explore the possibilities. You can upload songs, hookup with your FaceBook fans and build a dedicated following by using Reverb Nation’s email promotional tools. There are ready made iPhone and Android apps, PLUS a press kit and gig finder available with monthly membership!

If you have a small budget for such things, for just over $40 a month you can upload up to 200 MB of music and distribute your songs across the internet. The Reverb Nation website is the place to get your name in front of thousands of eager fans and possibly music execs too (if you want to join a label that is). If you’re determined to stay independent, joining Reverb Nation is an even better solution, as you can distribute your music to over 40 online retailers easily with just the click of a mouse (and no annoying record execs and industry larvae to deal with!)

There are other similar sites of course, but with Reverb Nation’s strong management and financial backing they’re already leading the pack. Most of Reverb Nation’s two million unique monthly visitors are looking for local bands and gigs and they can listen to songs while they browse. Wouldn’t you like to play in front of a full house every time you perform, and engage with each of those new fans easily afterwards? This site will allow you a comprehensive INTERACTIVE solution to get your music heard, build your fan base, and connect with them before and after every show!

The best thing about Reverb Nation is you’ll get so many artist promotion tools. When you start making a few bucks you can increase your monthly contribution and start reaping the benefits of Reverb Nation’s enhanced suite of marketing services. Sure, it’s about the music, but if no one hears it, then what’s the point? Reverb Nation will help make your music marketing turnkey so you can focus on what you love and let them take care of the getting your sounds in front of the masses.

Gone are the days of printing up posters and nailing them to light poles, and the chances of getting on America’s Got Talent are pretty slim. Reverb Nation is the ultimate tool for artist promotion, so go take a look and see what they have to offer at!

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