How to build a website from scratch with the best FREE web design software!

How To build A Website

So, we’ve been talking a lot about building your house on the web so that you can throw the best party on the web and develop a HUGE fan base to promote your music to. That’s great, but what if you have never built a website before? What if the only thing you know about HTML is how to spell it? You might be thinking you’re going to have to hire a web developer for mucho dinero to get it done for you. Well, I’m happy to inform you that it’s easier than you think… way easier!

Here’s what you DO need to pay for:

No matter how you have your website created, there are two things that you must have to proceed. The first is your domain name. This will be something like The second thing you need is a place on the web to host your website.

For domain name registration I like to use Hover. I prefer Hover to some of the alternatives because the have fair prices ($15 for most domains) and a clean and simple interface. They don’t try to upsell you all kinds of things you neither need nor understand.

And for web hosting, I LOVE BlueHost! BlueHost is affordable and they will allow you to have UNLIMITED domains hosted for one small fee. This means that your 5 or 6 bucks a month will cover you for as many websites as you want! After watching the video and seeing how simple it is to build a website, you’ll probably want to throw a site up every time you get an interesting idea. You may even start building sites for friends (and maybe even clients!)

Watch the video below to learn more…


So, if you’re ready to get your house built, set up your hosting, get your domain registered and let’s see what you got!


Host Unlimited Domains

Hover Domain Registration

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