Email List Management for Musicians

Email Marketing For Musicians

One of the most important functions of your website (and what I consider to be the first “sale” you make) is to entice your visitors to submit their email address to join your mailing list. Why is this so important? Simple. If you grow a massive list of email subscribers, you now have the ability to get in front of your audience with any news or promotions instead of waiting for them to find you! As you list grows, you will begin to see its power. For example, let’s say you have 1000 subscribers to your list. You’ve just released a new single on iTunes. You compose an email to let your subscribers know about it. %10 of them click the link in your email and buy your single. You just made $100 for sending an email! (minus apples cut) Now, let’s say over the next few months your email list doubles in size. That same email (at a %10 conversion rate) would then be worth $200! I personally have earned over $1000 from a single email and the process is repeatable! Are you beginning to get it?

Watch the video below for a brief introduction to the email list management service that I use and whole heartedly recommend to you as well. It’s called Aweber and it rocks!

Sign up here: Aweber for Musicians!


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