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Music Marketing - How To Build A Website

Now that you know exactly who your ideal fan is, it’s time to choose your domain name and build your website. Think of your site as the house that you will invite your fans to party at. It will serve as the central hub of your online promotional endeavours.

Your house should be a place where people come to learn about you and your product but it should not be just an online brochure. I see so many great artists with websites that go something like this:

  • Welcome to my website
  • Check out my music
  • Buy a T-shirt

The only person who will repeatedly visit a website like this is the person who built it (and their mother…maybe).  A website like this would only be useful if you already had rabid fans who wanted nothing more that to simply buy something from you. If that’s the case, you don’t need the Artist Promotion Blueprint. You’re doing just fine!

Your website needs two key components to be successful. First, it needs to be discoverable. Second, it needs to be sticky.


What you want most is for people to discover and enter your house from anywhere they may happen to be. For this to happen it’s important that you use “portals” all over the internet that funnel people directly to your website. This concept is referred to as your “off page network” and involves creating little “properties” all over the internet that will lead people to your main party.

You may already be doing this to some degree with things like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace (yes people still use it!) and Reverb Nation. But for those things to be successful you will need to implement a strategy that coordinates your efforts towards a single goal: Funnel people to your website.

Think of it as having a house with many doors (yeah, I’m sticking’ with the house analogy)

Make it sticky

The whole point of spending the hours that it takes to promote your self, your music and your website is of no use if the hard earned traffic that you’re getting comes and goes and never returns!

So, how can we make our website sticky? This is the part I call “starting a party”.

The goal is to engage your visitors in a way that not only extends the length of their stay but entices a return visit as well. You will want to provide ways for people to leave comments and join the conversation. The deeper the engagement, the more loyal the fan. A deeply engaged, repeat visitor is the type of person that becomes an evangelist for you and your website.

This is what we want.

I’m going to leave it at that for today. What do you think? Leave me a comment.

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