Market Research – Building Your Customer Avatar (define who your ideal fan is)

Music Marketing

Spot your audience

If you want to attract more fans to sell more music you need to put yourself out there in a way that draws people to you. This is kinda obvious. But how will you know what to publish online if you don’t know what your potential fans like? This brings me to the topic of this post.

If you want to produce content (either on your website or on YouTube or Facebook or anywhere else) that attracts fans, you need to first define who IS your ideal fan? This is also known as Market Research.

In marketing, this is often referred to as designing your customer avatar. It serves as the basis behind how you tailor everything you publish online. When I say “publish” what I mean is EVERYTHING. Your website design, your Facebook status updates, your YouTube videos, even your tweets need to match the “flavour” that your ideal fan will find tasty.

Take some time to listen to this excerpt from the TechMuze Podcast (episode 19) wherein I describe in detail (maybe too much detail) exactly what I mean.


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