Automate Your Twitter Campaign with Tweet Adder

Twitter For Musicians

Social media channels like FaceBook, LinkedIn, Reverb Nation, etc. are extremely important to your web marketing efforts. Yes, I said marketing.

Let’s face it, the efforts that you make to spread your music to the masses is nothing more than good ol’ fashioned marketing. You may have never considered yourself to be a marketer however, if you are involved in promoting your band or your music, you are a marketer! My role in this relationship is to help you learn how to market yourself, to help you avoid common mistakes and to provide you with leverage techniques to help you push ahead of the competition and get your music heard amidst the noise.

On that note, Let me introduce you to a tool that will dramatically increase your reach on one if the webs largest, most effective social media marketing channels. It’s called Tweet Adder and it is going to absolutely rock your twitter campaign!

Watch and learn:

[imaioVideo v=1]

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